How Tree Services Can Help Protect Your Home and Family

Did you know that fallen trees and broken branches cause thousands of injuries and millions of dollars in property damage every year? Learn how professional tree services can help prevent emergencies and protect your home and family from these dangers.

Tree services might not be the first thought that comes to mind when considering the safety of your home and family but it is an important one to remember. Maintaining trees around your home and property is more crucial than enhancing aesthetics but helps with preventing potential hazards and ensuring safety.

Here are some ways having regular tree care can help protect your home and family.

Be Proactive. Have Regular Maintenance Done

Have Your Trees Yearly Inspected

Just like us, trees need to have regular check-ups or also known as inspections to determine the health of the tree. This can help determine there are no concerns of diseases, pests, or dead and weak limbs.

Arborists can spot signs of early pest infestations, diseases, or damaged and dead branches that can be treated to help prevent the spread of the issues from becoming a major threat to the overall tree’s health. This proactively helps care and protect from any safety hazards. Regular inspections can help prevent most of the storm damage that we come across.

Trim and Prune Your Trees

Regular tree trimming and pruning is important for maintaining tree health and safety. We often see storm damage could have been prevented with proper maintenance. For example, a dead tree limb breaks off during storm and falls on a car could have been prevented by having a deadwood trimming, a trimming that removes all the deadwood from a tree. Trimming can also alleviate and help manage the density of a tree, by reducing density this can allow wind to pass through more easily that will be less stress on the tree.

Help Prevent Storm Damage from Occurring

When strong thunderstorms or tornadoes come to Michigan, the first thing that can be apparent after the weather passes is broken tree limbs or fallen trees. While some of these hazards were inevitable, others could have been prevented with having the proper tree maintenance done to them, by thinning the canopy and trimming off weak and dead branches. This can help prevent branches falling or the whole tree becoming uprooted.

Remove Any Potential Hazards: Tree and Stump Removal

Tree Removal
Earlier this year in April this rotten limb broke off of a tree and caused damage to two cars. This could have been prevented by getting the rotten tree removed or at least trim off the weak limb.

Tree Removal

Dead, diseased, or pest infested trees are your number one threat to worry about, not taking care of them soon enough can possibly lead to damage against your property or harm to your family. When a tree is dead or is suffering with a disease or pest infection this can cause the tree to become weaker and more susceptible to storm damage. We have even seen on a gorgeous 70º day with no harsh weather, dead trees have fallen or just a large limb unexpectedly cracks off from the amount of decay. Having a dead, diseased, or pest infested tree should be removed as soon as possible. Homeowners may be liable if a tree they knew posed a threat falls onto bystanders or a neighbor’s property and causes damage or injury.

Stump Removal

After a tree is removed, the stump is left in the ground, sticking out only a couple inches to a couple feet.

We always recommend to our customers to have stump removal to help remove any trip hazards and to remove the inconvenience of needing to mow around it. If the tree is in a garden bed, removing the stump will open space to plant a new tree or flowers. Stump removal can ensure that the tree has no ability to grow back after it is cut down. We have seen many times where homeowners remove trees and leave the stump, the tree slowly grows again and can become a fully established tree once more. This is also prevents fungus or pest infestations in the left over stump that can be difficult to manage.

Stump Grinding
Grinding this stump allowed for the customer to be able to plant a new shrub in this flower bed.

Root Removal

As most of the ways that getting tree services done can focus on what is going on in the tree, broken branches, dead limbs, etc. We’re going to focus more on what is happening below ground. Tree roots are no joke to the damage they can cause, from uprooting sidewalks, impacting a home’s foundation, to causing septic or pluming damage that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Along with uneven side walk that can cause a trip hazard and make you worried to let your kids play or anyone in the neighborhood. We recommend to have these issues addressed before you need to bring money out of your savings to fix the damages done to your property.

Stop the Spread of Fungus, Pest Infestations, or Diseases Spreading From Your Tree to the Next.

Pest Infestations

In 2002 a new discovery of a pest infestation was made in Southeastern Michigan that has since killed hundreds of millions of ash trees in North America. This was identified as Emerald Ash Borer, and has cost property owners, tree nurseries, forest product industries, and municipalities millions of dollars when this pest spread from one tree to the next.

Pest infections can be difficult to control, this is an important sign to always be on the look out if you are noticing pests around your tree and contact us immediately to schedule an inspection to help identify and seek treatment for your tree. This can help not only your tree but neighboring trees on your property or others around as well to help stop the spread. By helping to stop pest infestations it can stop trees from potentially dying or making tree limbs weak, which can stop storm damage from occurring.

Disease/Fungus Treatment

Just like us, trees are living organisms that can suffer with a disease or a fungus that can cause the tree to completely die or if detected early only effects a couple limbs. We have seen in the past a tree that was starting to flourish beautifully in the spring, growing with big green leafs, only to be completely dead by the end of summer from a quick acting disease. We recommend to regularly inspect your trees and if you see signs of early leaf discolouration or leaf drop, spots on a leafs, sudden dead branches, fungus on leafs or bark, contact us immediately to schedule an inspection to determine the health of your tree. By doing so this can help prevent weaken limbs that could be infected with the disease or fungus from breaking and protect your home and family.

Fungus, Pest Infestations, and Diseases are not only an above ground issue but many times these can spread underground in root systems that connect one neighboring tree to another.

Emergency Services

Storm Damage Response

Storm Damage from Trees
After a heavy snow storm in 2023, this tree became uprooted from the weight of the snow and ice.

After a bad thunderstorm or heavy snow fall, trees can become weak and have limbs break off or the whole tree can become uprooted from strong winds, heavy snow/ice weighing down branches, or the wood can be rotten or dead and can have simply break off even when the weather is “picture perfect”. In these cases when emergencies happen, it is vital to us to help clean up the debris off of your property immediately. This can become a hazard if left and pose a threat to your home, family, and community if not taken cared of accordingly.

Whether it is a broken branch still hanging in the tree, or a whole uprooted tree that is blocking your driveway, at Metro Detroit Tree, we offer 24/7 emergency tree services to help take care of the emergency quickly. If you are ever in the need of emergency services in the future, contact us at any time (586) 625-3398.


When it comes to protecting your home and family, tree care is a massive step that you cannot miss. We always recommend having your trees regularly trimmed/pruned and remove any hazards from your property before they become a bigger issue that can cost thousands of dollars and pose a risk to your family or bystanders. From trimming dead limbs off to help prevent the spread of pest infestations occurring, tree care is more than just wanting to have your trees look aesthetically pleasing but more of a concern for your home’s roof to the foundation, or even your neighbors property. Contact us today if you’re interested in getting a free estimate on tree trimming, removal, stump grinding, health inspections, or even for emergency services. We’ve got your trees handled for you.

Metro Detroit Tree & Firewood (586) 625-3398

Why Metro Detroit Tree & Firewood is the Best Choice.

Read our reviews below from trusted customers!

Ardele M.
I called Metro Tree and Fire about some trees and they got back to me right away. Jose and his amazing crew came out and cut down two trees that had taken over my backyard. One was a mulberry that had grown in to a fence, they came out and cut it down and ground the stump, with no issues. Jose even explained to me how to get it to stop growing back.I highly recommend using Metro Tree and I will be going to them for any further tree issues. They are prompt, friendly, professional, and it has been a pleasure to do business with them. Two thumbs up!
jarred C.
Metro tree was amazing. So happy we picked them to cut down our trees. They were fast and professional. They cleaned up so well it looked like they were never there.
Edwin J.
Amazing Crew! Leonardo & his team where very efficient and fast. Overall friendly the best in town! Look no further, fair estimates & the most impressive part was how they provided proof of insurance with our estimate.Very professional 👏 happy customers. Will be contacting them again for repeated service soon. Thank you guys!! 😊
Susanne S.
They did a great job with a complicated tree situation in our powerlines. They took care to protect my lawn from the grinding machine and did an excellent job cleaning up. Their pricing was very competitive and I recommend them to anyone needing service.
Fred H.
Outstanding service, dependable and quality work, excellent customer service. Enrique and his team were professional and courteous.
Tom W.
Raul was very professional as the foreman. They did very good work and the cleanup was great. I will for sure recommend this company. They lived up to their end of the contract with no issues.
Judi C.
Reasonable, fast and efficient!I highly recommend this company
Ann P.
Definitely will use this service again. Professional, did a great trim job and cleanup.
Metro Detroit Tree did a Perfect and Professional job from quote to completion. I can't imagine a better tree service.
Guy S.
I just moved in into my house and I had a dead pear tree looming over my roof. I called Metro Detroit tree & firewood. Setup an app. For quote. The owner came out, walked my yard with me. Gave me a good price on a couple things I needed done. I’m very happy with the work. I came home Everything was done. I couldn’t take off work. The owner was present at my home . No need! I would definitely call them again if I need them. Thanks Talima.👍🏽
Gary K.
This is the second year in a row that we have used Metro Detroit Tree & Firewood, and the second time we have had an excellent experience. They are professional and show up with a good size crew, with everyone knowing exactly what their responsibility is. They hit the ground running and were able to perform all of the tasks in a timely manner, quick cleanup, and on their way to the next job. My wife and I watched the entire process and were amazed by the efficiency. We will continue to call Metro Detroit Tree & Firewood for all of our tree and shrub service needs.
Andrew G
Professional and got the job done right!
Teresa V
They did a great job and were professional. Had about 5 companies come out to give me quotes and I’m very glad I decided to go with Metro Detroit Tree!
Barb B.
I can't say enough great things about Jose and his crew! Of the 4 estimates we received, Metro Detroit Tree & Firewood was the only company that would grind the stumps. The other companies claimed the stumps were too close to the fence and shed. We are very happy with the job that was done and highly recommended Meyro Detroit Tree & Firewood, and they will be the first tree service companyI call in the future.
Kelly T.
Great communication in scheduling. Crew was bery efficient and clean up was great! We are very pleased.
MDTF showed up early, reviewd what I requested and made some valuable suggestions for trimming my tree. The results were better than I expected and the team were fast, through and cleaned up to the point that you couldn't notice they were ever there. Highly recommend MDTF for any tree services! Very pleased with the entire experience!
Joyce C.
Timely service, great communication, gets the job done
Russell G.
The crew showed ready to get the job done. All the services were performed professionally and the property was cleaned up before they left.
Vicki H.
Very pleased with my whole experience with Metro Detroit Trees. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I had a tree that needed to be trimmed in my backyard, they gave me a VERY good quote and were very efficient when they cut it down. I will hire them again in the future!
kirsten W
Metro Detroit Tree & Firewood did an outstanding job! No mess left. Timely and quick! I was impressed. Plus competitive in price! I have my own insurance agency and plan to give out this organization to my clients for tree work!
Robert B.
Jose and his crew did a fantastic job on our tree. They came and removed a lot of big dead branches and cleaned up the smaller ones. They are very professional and very quick. They got here did the work, cleaned it up and were leaving in 1 hour. It was a medium sized job, but they handled it like it was just a little trim work. They have a very experienced crew that came ready to work. They did exactly what they said they would do, the price was great and the work is the best. I will recommend them to everyone I know. I already gave my neighbor one of their business cards. They also kept my neighbor and her 3 year old very entertained, the 3 year old loved all the big trucks and equipment. I'm very satisfied.
Mary V M.
Just used this team for the second time and was equally impressed. Very professional, arrived on time, did the job and cleaned up beautifully. Highly recommend Metro Detroit Tree.
Karen C.
I highly recommend Metro Detroit Tree for your tree trimming/removal and/or lot clearing needs. From my first call requesting a quote to completion of the job, they were responsive, professional, punctual, hard working and thorough.
Mya B.
Metro Detroit Tree & Firewood was an amazingly skillful and professional company. They provided me with a free and easy quote just a day or so after I contacted the company. The man who inspected the tree was super friendly and knowledgeable. I was even provided a copy of their insurance with the quote. It's the little touches like a copy of the insurance that helps consumers (at least me) feel at ease with a business. The removal of my decrepit and potentially dangerous Silver Maple was efficient and clean. They left no messes in my neighbors driveway which just highlights their respect and professionalism. I would call Metro Detroit Tree again if I ever needed tree services. I highly recommend you call them for a quote if you've got any tree needs!
Connie M.
We had a tree fall in our yard at night, the next morning my husband called Metro Detroit tree, someone came out that morning. And they were able to cut the tree down the very next day. There was a crew of 4 and they were fast and cleaned up everything. We are very happy with their service.
Dawn S.
Job well done. Very professional, efficient and friendly. I'm extremely satisfied and happy. Highly recommend 👌
Kelli B.
Josè was so professional when he came to provide my quote and even pointed out more that I needed done which wouldn’t be much of a price difference. Raul did my work today with the team they were timely quick and cleaned up like nothing happened. Price was reasonable and I will be calling again!
robin S.
Great company. They were very prompt, pricing extremely competitive. They did a great job, cleaned everything up quickly. I would highly recommend 👍
Brad M.
Very pleased with this company. Very professional and experienced in providing a thorough estimate. The tree removal was expertly done in removing a large tree in a backyard with limited access, power lines, etc. The crew was able to remove the trees and grind down the stumps all in half a day and cleaned everything up. Highly recommend reaching out to this company, we will be using them again!
Detroit Metro Tree. Exceptional company! Fantastic work at great prices. I had 2 large pine trees removed from my backyard (over 40 ft. tall each). Work completed in under 2 hours. Complete clean up as if they were never there. I highly recommend this company.
Miguel M.
Had an excellent experience with this company, on time and quick work. I will recommend this company to friends and family. Thank you
Daniel R.
I've worked with Metro Detroit Tree twice now & have been very pleased with their work. They came out quickly after a storm last winter to handle some down limbs on wires & trees. Last week, I hired them to take down 15 trees & stumps. Their prices are fair, they show up when they say they will & are very communicative about details. They bring a large, well equipped crew, work very clean, and are very conscientious. Carlos & Raoul and company are refreshing to work with.
Jacquie P.
Highly Recommend!! Great Crew .. Great Job from start to finish .,
Gabbi S.
Professional and quick service. Will be using again in the future.
Michele W.
This company is the go to company for tree service. They were professional, courteous and did a very good job trimming our 2 trees, cleaning up and didn't even clobber not one of my flowers. Thank you so much 💓 💗 💛
Diane D.
Jose, Raul and "The Crew" came out to our home in St. Clair Shores to prune 2 big trees. The quote was very fair. The workmanship and professionalism were TOP-NOTCH!! I mean, these guys were good. They got out to the site a half hour earlier than promised. They got to work and BOOM, BOOM, were done in an hour. My wife and I were so happy we called Metro Detroit Tree and Firewood, LLC. We do recommend this company to EVERYBODY WE KNOW!!! Thanks Guys. God Bless Metro Detroit Tree and Firewood LLC.
kathy M.
They came early with a slew of trucks and men, got right to work and were out of my yard in an hour and they cleaned up everything - even blew the old leaves off the roof!
Sally T.
Very professional, fast, and well priced. Highly recommend.
S B.
I cannot say enough great things about this company from scheduling, pricing, completed work, clean-up and the courtesy of the entire crew. They were on-time and completed what I thought was a very large job within 2 hours. The team was extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend and will be using again. Thank you!
Jim R.
I've trusted Jose @ Metro Detroit Tree for over two years now. From my first call to Tolima, the fantastic service & care started! Jose is professional, prompt & courteous. I would highly recommend them to everyone that needs tree's removed, bush's pulled, and much much more! They are quick and efficient. If I could give them 10 Stars I would! Great company & another very happy customer..Thank you Jose & Tolima!!
Renee' D.
MDT&F WOW!What a professional operation this crew runs! They were respectful and listened to what I needed. They have all of the equipment necessary to complete the job--a large crew, big trucks, cherry pickers, chippers, bulldozers, stump grinders AND, they put a partition around the stump when they were grinding, to prevent it from flying into my neighbor's yard.When they were cutting, they took the extra time needed to direct where the limbs fell, so as not to damage wires, structures etc... they raked up all of the debris and smoothed out the area. These guy's work well as a team and everybody knows what to do. José (owner) pays attention to every detail.Their prices are fair and affordable. I recommend them highly. I am very happy with the job they did. Amazing!
David W.
We have a 70+ year old no fruit bearing mulberry tree that we had trimmed and topped today. It makes all the difference in the world in our yard. Here are before and after pictures. These guys were here about 45 mins and did a outstanding job.If you need some work done on a tree, these are the guys to call. Prices are very reasonable.
Sandy R.
This company is the BEST. I called several for the removal of several large trees and they were perfect. Prompt callbacks, setting appointment to come out, calling ahead, showing up on time, immediate quote followed up by a written quote, the most competitive quote I was able to get (I usually don't take the lowest but they were so professional). I accepted the quote and they scheduled it for the next day, came out, did the job and cleaned up. There's no way it could have been better. Highly recommended.
Carl S.
Metro Detroit Tree & Firewood were out today and trimmed four of my trees. The crabapple in the front of my house was the one I really wanted trimmed. They did a fantastic job. The tree was trimmed exactly like I wanted. The others were also trimmed as I requested. I’m extremely pleased and will have them out every year to trim up my trees.
Brian H.
Metro Detroit Tree & Firewood did an excellent job! They were great at communicating from first day I called for a quote, to booking the job and following thru to the day of. My job had to be rescheduled due to weather and the first thing when they opened the day before my scheduled job was contact me.Metro Detriot Tree & Firewood was very professional, they arrived on time and provided a great service. Took the Tree down, stump ground and cleaned up all mess that was from their service.I recommend them and would use them again!
Matt P.
Jose came out to our house and gave us a very competitive estimate for trimming several trees. He was professional and arrived when he said he would. He provided a written estimate and gave me a copy of his insurance. I called the next day and scheduled the work. The other estimates that we received were higher and required 50% deposits just to schedule. They arrived the next day with 6 or 7 trucks and a large crew on time. All in matching uniforms, new trucks or very well cared for. All workers were also very professional. They were very impressive. The job was finished in 90 minutes, and they cleaned up the yard. It looked better than when they arrived. I asked Jose for a referral for another type of contractor, and he gave me a couple of names to help us since we were new to the neighborhood. Great service, people and exceptional quality of work at a better than competitive price.
Elaine G.
Simply the best. Better than all the rest. They are professionals, have the right equipment and do a wonderful job. Clean up is perfection

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